About Us

Dylan Green is the Owner, Founder, and CEO of D&C Seamless Gutters LLC. Born and raised in rural Chilton County he's always been a part of the working class. He has over 10 years of experience in the construction industry.  While fairly young in terms of years since its launch, the history and inspiration behind D&C Seamless Gutters LLC dates all the way back to 1992. There’s a very good reason he is as comfortable on a construction site as he is in the boardroom. This third-generation contractor comes from a long line of craftsmen and entrepreneurs who taught him the value of hard work and imbued him with the sense that it isn’t enough to merely perform a craft/trade, but to strive to do it better than anyone else. 

Dylan is responsible for providing vision and strategic direction for the company, maintaining and reinforcing the corporate culture, leading the team, and overseeing decisions regarding the company capital expenditures. Under his leadership D&C Seamless Gutters LLC has grown into one of the most successful seamless gutter contractors in the region. 

Dylan’s greatest asset is understanding the immediate and future needs of clients and providing them with cost effective solutions to meet their goals. Providing value added services to his clients and developing long term relationships is the foundation to his methodology. Whether it’s assembling the troops or servicing a client’s needs in the field, his relentless charge, attention to detail, and customer service is the very best day in and day out. 

Dylan is a family man first and foremost.

He's been married to Lacey for 7 years and has three children Aria, Zoey, and Luka, His wife and children were the drive behind starting this company in an effort to spend more time at home with his family as opposed to traveling for work.